ECM is involved in church planting, evangelism, youth work and social work in Timisoara and in southern Romania.

The Romanian people are the only Romanesque nation that isn’t Roman Catholic, but orthodox. Even today the orthodox church has much influence in the Romanian society.

These are difficult economical times for Romania. The membership of the European Union hasn’t solved the poverty and there are a lot of people emigrating to other countries, especially to Spain, in search of prosperity. There is a lot of aging of the population and whole villages die out.

In these severe conditions a lot of Romanian Christian show that God always gifs hope for the future. ECM prays that they will grow in number, so this invaluable testimony will be spread through all of the country.

Area: 238,391 km²
Population: 21,190,154
Capital: Bucharest

Christian: 96,96 %
Non- religious: 2,39 %
Muslim: 0,58 %

Orthodox: 87,14 %
Protestant: 6,64 %
Catholic: 5,28 %

A land rich in agriculture, minerals and oil, but became more industrialized during Communism. Foreign investment is increasing as economic restructuring accelerates; Romania hopes to adopt the Euro by 2014. Romania now struggles with employment issues, especially in the service sector, since many people of working age emigrate to work elsewhere in Europe and increasing numbers of rural people abandon their farms.

The statistics are meant to give an impression, not to stigmatise. Statistics taken from "Operation World, 7th edition, 2010", see also


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