Missionary ECM has no people working full time in Ukraine, but support a part-time worker that is involved in the work of equiping pastors and church leaders.

ECM requires
The church in the Ukraine increased hard against the trend of the biggest part of Europe. Meanwhile others forms of religion or spirituallity are popular. What's more the cultural and economic approach to Western Europe consumes the religious feeling of the people.

The church of Ukraine needs especially , equipment for church planting, church leaders and pastoral work. ECM wants to contribute in there. ECM desires churches in the Ukraine to become strong and independent and multuply themselves on order that the Ukrainian and their fellow inhabitants will see what a vitality the Gospel contains.

Area: 603.700 km²
Population: 45,433,415
Capital: Kiev

Christian: 79,01 %
Non relegion: 19,48 %
Muslim: 1,05 %

Catholic: 10.14 %
Orthodox: 61.15 %
Protestant: 3.76 %

Rich in mineral deposits (especially coal and iron ore) and highly arable land; Ukraine has great economic potential. A sustained postindependence economic plummet was reversed by several years of growth, but many Ukrainians hover on the edge of poverty. Transition to a market economy, while holding hope for a brighter future, has thus far been blighted by corruption, cronyism and uneven progress (cities grow while smaller towns wither and fade). Dependent upon Russia’s oil and gas.

The statistics are meant to give an impression, not to stigmatise. Statistics taken from "Operation World, 7th edition, 2010", see also


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