ECM is working in different ways to plant loving communities in different parts of the country, which can spread the message of the Gospel in their surroundings. As well as planting churches through personal contacts and relationships, the mission is also actively using other media, for example art and Internet, to get people interested in the gospel.

Italy is a country with many different appearances. There are many churches and a wealth of religious symbolism, but on the other hand there is much occultism and many have a very unbiblical lifestyle. A truly biblical message is scarce in many parts of this country.

ECM hopes that the number of Christians, who want to cooperate in the mission, will grow, so that the parts of the country where the Gospel has not been heard will be enlightened by the warmth and love of Gods people.

Area: 301,000 km2
Population: 60,097,564
Capital: Rome

Christian: 82.38 %
Non-religious: 14.13 %
Muslim: 2.6 %

Catholic: 84.37 %
Orthodox: 1.74 %
Protestant: 0.63 %

Highly industrialized, Italy is the world’s seventh-largest economy and known for quality manufactured goods. A notable contrast exists between the affluent north and the south, where economic modernization has been limited and where unemployment is widespread and higher. Corruption, organized crime and weak lawenforcing state mechanisms are common and discourage investment and expansion in many sectors. The world’s third-largest debt.

The statistics are meant to give an impression, not to stigmatise. Statistics taken from "Operation World, 7th edition, 2010", see also


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  • Church planter (ITI001) in Around Lake Garda - Italy

    We are looking for people to start new church plants in the area between Montichiari and Trento, especially around Lake Garda.

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